From 73 May St.. to Eliza St Cromac, S Belfast


29-31 Edmunds, Walker & Co., Ltd. (rear entrance)

33 Fitzpatrick, A., & Sons, Ltd. (rear entrance)

35 Adair, James M., Ltd., stores

37 Reid, Craig, Pianos (rear entrance)

Hers is Cromac Square....

53 M’Gran, William, ehoe repr.

55 Magennis, D., labourer

17 Ross, B., stables

19 Boyle, Mrs. Harriet

61 Flynn, John, labourer

63 Gillespie, Desmond F., pblcn. (rear)

65 Turner, S., labourer

57 Boyce, Mrs. Susan

69 Cunningham, Ed., labourer

71 Leyden, Mrs. C,

73 Sullivan, Hugh, labourer

75 Teggart, MIss C.

77 Doherty, Fintan, com. agent

79 Murdock, J., stables

81 Larmour, Mrs. Lien

83 Allen, Mrs. Alice

85 Dohbin, Stephen, clerk

87 McAllister, Mrs. M. A.

97 Wilson, B., seedsman (rear entrance)

99 Morrow, B., brassfinisher & church metal worker

101 Kerr, S., carter

2-4 Torney Bros., Ltd., fruit importers (side entrance)

.Here is Holmes Court.,,,

6-14 Ministry of Commerce Laboratories (rear entrance.)

16-l8 Brown & Adam, Ltd. (rear entrance)

• . . .Here is Cromac Square.

45 Boyce, W. J.

50 Quinn, Wm. John, labourer

52 McKee, Mrs. Margaret

84 Smyth, Mrs. Mary A.

56 Allsop, James, labourer

55 Archer, Wilfred, labourer

66 Lowe, John, labourer

62 Gilmour. Wm., labourer

64 Magee, James, labourer

66 O’Neill, Mrs. N.

68 Dornan, M.

72 Millen, Mrs. Bridget

72 Blake, Mrs. Mary

74 Morrison, Hugh, labourer

76 Dornan, J. W., labourer

78 Kennedy, W. J., welder

86 Conlon, Mrs. Mary

68 M’Avoy, Daniel, labourer .

Here is Murphy’s Lane....

Hendron Bros. (aide entrance)


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70 Market Streets

Annette Street, 16 Verner Turnley St

Bond Street, Cromac Street
Bond Street New, Eliza Street

Campbell's Place (Nine small Houses) Off Staunton street

Caroline Court, Off Verner Street.

(Catherine Street, Henrietta Street)

Catherine Street North, Little May Street.
Catherine Street South, Russell Street.
Catherine Court, Catherine Street, South (3 Houses).

Cormac Street.

Crawford Street, Off Welsh Street.
Cricket Place, Verner Street.

Dunlops Place, Cormac Street
East Street, Verner Street.

Edward Street Great, from Cromac Street to Upper Church Lane.

Eliza Street, 80 Cromac Street.

Eliza Court (Seven Small Houses)
Eliza Place, Eliza Street.
Friendly Street, Welsh Street

Grace Street, South of Cromac Place and West of Cromac Street.
Hamilton's Street, Cromac Street to Joy Street

Hattrick Place off Annette Street
Henrietta Street, West of Cromac Street and Joy Street.

Holmes's Lane, Off Verner Street.

Holmes Court (four small Houses)

Hutton’s Court, (One Small House) Off Annette Street
Joy's Street, May Street.

Keegan Street, Stewart Street to Staunton Street

King's Place. (five small houses) Off Cromac Street
Lagan Street, Cromac Street.
Lagan Street Upper, Lagan Street.

Lagan Lane (Fifteen Small Houses) Off Lagan Street.

Little Howard Street off Cromac Road

Market Lane, South of May's Market.

Market Street, May Street to Eliza Street.

May Street, from May's Market to Clarence Place.
May Street Little, from Alfred Street to 11 Cromac Street.
Murphy's Street, Verner Street.
Murphy's Lane, (Six Small Houses)Verner Street.

McAreavy’s Court. (Four Small Houses) Off Verner Street.

McAuley’s Court. (Four Small Houses) Off McAuley Street.
McAuley's Street, Cromac Street.

McKenna’s Place. (Five Small Houses) Off Welsh Street.

Norton Street. Cromac Street to Norton Street

New Bond Street
Quigley's Court, Cromac Street.

Raphael Street, Off Cormac Street

Rathbone Street. Little May street to Sussex place
Riley's Place, Cromac Street.

Riley’s Court .(Eleven Small houses) Off Riley’s Place

Roy Street , Off Stanfield Street.
Russel Street, Cromac Street.

Seymour Lane, Seymour Street.

Seymour Street, May Street.

Smith Street Off Welsh and Lagan Streets

Stanfield Street, Murphy street to Stewart Street
Stanfield Lane, Stanfield Street.

Stanfield Court.(Eight Small Houses) Off Stanfield street.

Staunton Street, Eliza Street to Stanfield Street.

Stewart Street. East Bridge Street to Macaulay Street
Sussex Place, Joy Street to Alfred Street.

Turnley Street. Off Annette Street

Verner Street May Street to Murphy Street

Verner lane. Verner Street to Cromac Street

Water Row . (Seven Houses) Cromac Street to Joy Street

Welsh Street, Lagan Street to Macaulay Street

Wills' Place, May's Field.

The Market District Belfast

Dalton's Shop The Market

The Ray Sisters

Jobs of the Early Market People

Cattle Drovers.. Cow Wallopers, Sheep Drovers, Black Bag Dealers

Waste Paper Gathering, Fowl Dealers. Carmen,/Cart Drivers

Stables, Whitesmiths. Porters. Horse dealers, Horse Shoers

Pork Cutters, Tick Straw Dealer, Washer Woman, Lodging Houses

Pawnshops Owners, Brewery Workers, Gasworks Workers

Green Grocers Galore, A

erated water manufacturers, Bakery Workers

Abattoir Workers, Basket Makers,Eliza Street Spinning Co,

William McCann. Jews harp maker. Bricklayers Galore in late 1800’s.

Chimney Sweepers; For a chimney two stories, 6d.; three stories, 9d.; four stories 1s.; five stories 1s. 3d.; for a boiler, hot hearth, or oven, when kitchen chimney not swept, 6d.Only the higher recommended sweeps would be allowed to work on the chimneys of the bigger houses.

Loads of room for stables and carts hence you had many locals earning their living in the transportation trade and contributory trades such as Horse shoeing , and barrel repairing, and one enterprising man set up a hand cart manufacturing yard .These hand carts were still used by rag men and small builders right into the early 1960’s in Belfast.

A LOOP HOLE IN THE LAW; New List of Rates for Carmen, Porters, etc. Agreed upon by the Police Commissioners, October 26, 1838
All Car Men, Porters, etc., plying for hire within the Town of Belfast, and the precincts thereof, shall be paid the following rates, when no private agreement has been made at a lower rate. And if any person shall demand or receive a greater Sum, or refuse to take a Fare in his regular turn, he shall forfeit and pay a fine of 10s.

House of Correction

Erected by presentment of the Grand Jury of the County of Antrim, in the year 1817; site, south side of Henrietta Street, being a continuation of the line of Donegall Square South; length of its front, 236 feet, rear enclosure extends back 230 feet. The prison is divided into two separate parts, the right for females, and left for the male convicts. Greatest number of persons during the current year, 74.
Public worship every Sunday, by the respective chaplains. The chapel is so contrived, that the males and females do not see each other at worship. A committee of gentlemen meet on Mondays, in the house, for the inspection if the prison discipline; and are found of inestimable use in promoting the morals and industry of the inmates.

1852 Murphy Street
from Verner Street to Eliza Street

1. James Brown, spirit dealer
3. William Clarke, labourer
" John King, printer
6. Mary Campbell, school mistress
Eliza McCutcheon, white worker
new houses not finished
John Murphy's brick and tile yard; residence, Hamilton Street
5. Joseph Campbell, carpenter
7. Archd. Burnett, ornamental painter
9. Richard Stanfield, gentleman (Stanfield, James, Gentleman, 36 York Street.
Stanfield, Robert, Gentleman, 9 Murphy Street.)

20. Robert Moore, carpenter
18. Hugh Gilmore, baker
16. Robinson Lappan, carpenter
14. James Murray, printer
12. Thomas Bennet, moulder
10. Alex. Thompson, carpenter
8. James McCrea, plasterer
6. Henry Turney, carpenter
4. John Holland, salesman in H. H. Hanny's, 13 Donegall Street
2. William Davey, painter

1843 Murphy, John, Timber & Slate Merchant, Manufacturer of Bricks, Tiles & Pottery, 3 Hamilton Street.

Murphy also owned a flax Mill slightly north of what we now call The Market area.(Near Tea Lane Fountain)(Sandy Row)The mill was famous for its ghost story long even after it was demolished.
1843 Constabulary Barracks, 102 Cromac Street.

Belfast: number of manufactories recorded

1807: anchor smiths 1, bakers 13, block and pump makers 2, bookbinders 4, boot and shoe makers 24, braziers 1, breeches makers 2, brewers 4, cabinet makers 8, calico and cotton yarn makers 1, calico manufacturers 1, cambric manufacturers 1, cap makers 1, cart makers 1, coach makers 1, confectioners 4, cotton machine makers 1, cotton manufacturers 13, cotton wool and tow card manufacturers 2, coopers 5, copper and tin smiths 1, copper smiths 2, cork cutters 2, curriers 4, cutlers 2, distillers 1, dyers 4, fancy chair makers 2, farming utensil makers 1, founders 1, fustian and calico manufacturers 2, fustian and cotton manufacturers 1, fustian, calico and muslin manufacturers 1, glass manufacturers 1, glovers and breeches manufactories 1, glovers and skinners 2, glue manufacturers 1, guilders and chair makers 1, gun smiths 1, hat manufacturers 5. hosiers 4, joiners 2, last makers 1, machine makers 2, mantua makers 1, milliners 4, muslin manufacturers 13, paper manufacturers 2, peruke makers 3, reed makers 2, rope and sail manufacturers 1, rope and twine manufacturers 4, saddle manufacturers 9, salt manufacturers 1, salt refiners 1, shipbuilders 2, silk dyers 1, smiths 5, soap boilers and tallow ehandlers 11, starch manufacturers 2, stay makers 1, stocking frame makers 1, stone and marble yards 1, stone cutters 3, sugar manufacturers 2, tailors 7, tanners 10, tobacco and snuff manufacturers 4, tobacconists I, turners 1, umbrella makers I, upholsterers 2, vinegar and mead manufacturers 1, vitriol works 1, watch and clock manufacturers 12, whitesmiths 1 (Sinyth and Lyons).

1824: alabaster and blue manufacturers 1, artificial flower makers 1, bakers 27, basket makers 1, bellows makers 1, blacking manufacturers 1, block and pump makers 4, bookbinders 6, boot and shoe makers 3 1, brass founders 6, braziers, coppersmiths and tin plate workers 8, brewers 5, bridle, bit and stirrup makers 1, brush makers 4, cabinet makers 11, calico printers 4, canvas manufacturers 1, carpenters and joiners 10, cart makers 5, check manufacturers 1, chemical manufacturers 3, coach builders 5, confectioners 9, coopers 16, corduroy manufacturers 1, cork cutters 2, cotton spinners and manufacturers 19, cutlers 3, distillers 1, dyers 9, engravers and copperplate printers 5, flour millers 3, glass cutters 3, glass manufacturers 4, glovers and breeches manufacturer 2, glue manufacturer 3, gun makers 3, hat manufacturers 6, iron founders 5, japanners 1, leather cap makers 1, machine makers 5, milliners and dress makers 13, muslin manufacturers 53, muslin bleachers 5, paper manufacturers 4, rope and sail makers 6, saddlers and harness makers 10, saddlers’ ironmongers 1, salt manufacturers 3, ship builders 2, ship chandlers 4, silversmiths 2, sizers 10, spruce, pop and ginger beer manufacturers 1, starch and blue manufacturers 5, stay makers 3, stone and marble yards 6, straw bonnet makers 13, tallow chandlers 20, tanners 12, thread manufacturers 1, tobacconists 11, umbrella and parasol makers 2, vinegar makers 1, vitriol manufacturer 3, watch and clock makers 15, wheelwrights and turners in wood 5, whip makers 2, whitesmiths and bell hangers 7, wireworker 1 (Pigot).

1839: aerated water and ginger beer brewers 7, alabaster manufacturers 3, bleachers 10, blue dyers 3, bookbinders 8, brass and iron founders 4, brass founders 11, brewers 6, brick and tile makers 3, brush, bellows and trunk makers 3, boot and shoe manufacturers 48, button blue manufacturers 1, card makers 2, cart wrights 4, coach makers 8, coach wrights I, comb and spoon makers 4, confectioners 14, copper and tin plate workers 12, cork cutters 5, cotton spinners 7, distillers 2, flax spinners 15, flour millers 3, glass manufacturers 2, glue manufacturers 2, gun makers 5, hatters 4, hosiery 6, iron founders and machine makers 4, linen manufacturers 10, linen thread manufacturers 2, maltsters 4, manufacturing chemists 4, milliners 5, muslin manufacturers 46, paper makers 2, piano forte makers and turners 2, rectifying distillers 4, rope and twine makers 7, saddlers and harness makers 13, ship builders 2, sewed muslin manufacturers 7, shuttle makers 3, soap and candle manufacturers 22, starch manufacturers 8, stay and corset makers 9, straw bonnet makers 19, sweet manufacturers 3, tailors 31, tanners 3, tobacco manufacturers 15, umbrella makers 3, watch and clock makers 13, watch glass makers 3, weather glass makers 2, wireworker and flour machine manufacturers 1 (Martin).

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